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Research and Production Association Krista is one of the leading providers of services and solutions for Russia regional and municipal Government authorities and organizations.

For the effective solution of the task of regional and municipal management it is necessary to appraise impartially the situation in regional economy, to use optimally the existing resources, to reveal the strength and weaknesses of a particular territory and as a result to take reasonable administrative decisions.

Until now the ICT development in many regions was realized mainly due to sophistication of automation systems of government and municipal authorities and budgetary institutions and organizations as well. The amount of information accumulated by the systems was constantly growing, however it was not used for analysis of the current state of a territory and for working out corrective actions, and as a result the efficiency of ICT use was considerably reduced.

At present the actual task in ICT area in many regions is to integrate all information resources in unified information space that will be a platform for implementation of the multilevel distributed information and analytical management system for a particular region. At first it will allow to increase a level of region managing ability. Persons who take administrative decisions need real, operative, comparable information allowing to optimize business processes and to centralize financial and material resources.

Within the framework of creation of the unified region management system the Research-and-Production Association Krista offers the complex decision including the following directions:

  1. Management of state and municipal finances within the framework of the result-oriented concept:
    1. Budget multiversion forecasting, planning, balancing and approvement
    2. Complex automation of activity of financial authorities
    3. Multivariate analysis of financial and economic state of a particular territory
    4. Management of public and municipal purchases
    5. Budgetary accounting for institutions and organizations
    6. Management of settlement budgets
    7. Management in the sphere of public health and environment conditions protection
  2. State accounting and technical inventory-taking of real estates, registration of rights, burdens and bargains with them.

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