• March 2012
    CeBIT 2012, 06-10 March. The biggest CeBIT fair is the digital industry's most international show. Visitors and participants of the fair will be introduced to the brand-new digital tendencies, latest ICT news and most up-to-date innovations at the tradeshow in Hannover, Germany.
  • February 2012
    The delegation of specialists from KRISTA RPA will be participants of CeBIT fair 2012, 06 to 10 March in Hannover, Germany.
  • March 2007
    Krista RPA is the participant of the CeBIT 2007 fair in Hannover, Germany. The company regularly participates in this event since 2002.
  • January 2007
    Krista RPA has finished the project for development of web-based system for information gathering on tenders in EU countries and its prompt delivery to interested organizations from Russia. This information system has been ordered by German company “Unternehmensberatung Andreas Siegert Company” (Director of the company Mr. Andreas Siegert) and intended for installation at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry where Mr. Siegert works as the Consultant in cooperation development between Russia and Germany. …At the beginning of 2003 Mr. Siegert arrived to Russia as the consultant in cooperation development between Russia and Germany. During 2003-2004 he has worked in Yaroslavl regional administration. In this period Mr. Siegert closely acquainted with Krista RPA. The idea of mutual cooperation for the automated system development has arisen, when Mr. Siegert has moved to the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This idea was successfully realized with the web-based system developed by Krista RPA…
  • June 2005
    Krista RPA has achieved the ISO 9001-2000 certificate for its quality management system.
  • January 2005
    Krista RPA concluded the agreement with German Win=Win Agency (Director Dr. Heinecke Werner) to represent interests of the company in the German and European markets. …It was the result of the company’s activity for European and German IT-market entry. At the beginning of 2002 the project of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, the German Association of Development Consultants (AGEG) and Administration of Yaroslavl region of Russia (project name “Window to Russia”) was created. Dr. Heinecke Werner became the Project Manager. The purpose of the project was to help IT-companies from Yaroslavl region to find partners in cooperation among IT- companies of Baden-Wurttemberg Land. In spring 2002 Dr. Werner visited Yaroslavl region for the first time and had a meeting with potential participants of the project from Russia and Krista RPA was also one of the participants. Within the frames of the project some trips of delegations of software companies from Yaroslavl region to Baden-Wurttemberg Land were organized. During these trips there were presentations, meetings and negotiations with representatives of German IT-companies. As a result, Krista RPA has established business relationship with ARADEX AG company and then performed the project on Web-based system development for Win=Win Agency. The participation of the company in Russian IT delegations, shown interest in cooperation as well as results of performed IT-project led to reliable and trustful relations between Krista RPA and Win=Win Agency took upon itself obligations to represent Krista RPA interests in Germany and other countries in Europe …
  • November 2004
    Krista RPA was a participant of the Round Table Event named “Cooperation between Russia and Israel in IT area: New opportunities”. The event was held within the frames of official visit of the Minister of Information Technologies and Communication of the Russian Federation Mr. Leonid Reiman to Israel and was organized by the Israel Association of IT – companies with Government support of the country. Participants of the Round Table have discussed new cooperation opportunities of Russia and Israel in the field of information technologies.
  • June 2004
    Krista RPA become the participant of joint Project of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, the German Association of Development Consultants (AGEG) and Administration of Yaroslavl region of Russia (project name “Window to Russia”). Since 2001 Krista RPA has begun its activity in the software outsourcing market as well as participation in various events of the ICT world. … During the long-term communication with German customers we have overcome difficulties in cultural distinctions between German and Russian specialists. The distinguishing feature of Russian programmers is the high mathematical culture, capability to solve independently complex problems arising in work process and to overcome logical errors arising in process of technical specifications development by a customer. In other words, the main feature of Russian programmers is the creative approach to the development process. On the other hand, some of the main features of German customers are punctuality and wish to obtain the work results strictly in compliance with technical specifications and job schedule. The communication during the cooperation led to the mutual understanding and using of each party’s advantages…